High-Quality Knitted Fabrics for multiple applications

Since its foundation in 1958 roma is specialised on the production of high-quality knitted fabrics. 40 modern round knitting machines are producing these fabrics. The fabrics are certified according to OEKO-Tex Standard 100. Around 60% of the production are technical and heating textiles actually. The rest are knitted fabrics for ladies wear, workwear and toys.

roma’s technical textiles are very elastic and long-wearing. They allow many different configurations. For these reasons they are mainly used in car interior and for the covering of office and home furniture.

For consumer electronics and the automotive industry roma has developed special acoustic textiles. These fabrics offer a high sound permeability by a simultaneous view density. Therefore they are optimal for the cloth-covering of loudspeakers and complete Dolby-Surround-Systems. If wished they can be produced also with infra-red permeability to allow the use of remote controls. Roma is also able to cover wooden frames, plastic panels or metal grids with its knitted fabrics by using different techniques of cloth-covering.

Even in the fields of architecture and fair building acoustic textiles are more and more used. The sound permeability and the view density are modified according to the different applications. With a three dimensional design (spacer fabrics) it is possible to reach a high sound absorption. With the integration of spacer fabrics in wall elements the noise level for example in offices or restaurants can be reduced.

The result of several years of research and development is an elastic electric heated knitted fabric. A flexible conductive yarn is knitted in a round knitted fabric with a patented production method. The fabric is contacted by a thin woven metal or textile band. The fabric reaches temperatures of 30°C up to 100°C in the low voltage area of 3 Volt to 24 Volt according to different applications. There exist no risk of current impulse and no electromagnetic fields. Because of the high elasticity of the material, the fast heating, the homogeneous heat distribution and the various possibilities of fabric design there are many different possibilities of use for the knitted heated fabric. A mattress for people allergic to dust mites prevents the settlement of dust mites. A textile patient heating system for hospitals ensures that patients do not suffer from hypothermia during operations. The fabric neutralizes the cold emission in mobile homes and caravans and provides a comfortable warmth for their interior. With special adapted battery packs a mobile heatable horse blanket, a heated ski helmet and heated vests or jackets are realized.

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