Quality for the automative industry

For the automotive industry roma produces special developed technical textiles which fulfill the high quality demands of this branch. These textiles are mainly used for the coverage of different parts in car interieur such as loudspeakerframes, door-inserts or hat-shelves.

Another possibility is cloth for wind bulkheads or curtain fabric for trucks. Besides we offer also the covering of these parts with our self developed technical textiles. For the cloth coverage we use three different techniques:

  • glueing with special adhesives
  • welding by hot stamps
  • ultrasonic welding

With the background of a close cooperation with producers of plastic parts and metal grids roma can also offer complete cloth-covered parts. Our technical textiles or cloth-covered parts are used by leading car manufacturer and suppliers.

Another specialty of roma is the conceptioning, development and realisation of fabrics or cloth-covered parts together with its customers. One of these innovations is the development and series production of absolutely dense but nevertheless elastic tubular fabric for the lacquering of exhausts.


Application examples

Car speakers