Electric heated knitted fabric ensures comfort and safety

In the area of ist actual research- and developing activities roma has developed and patented a new electric heated elastic knitted fabric which is able to produce a power of 30 to 100 Watt within the low voltage area of 3 Volt to 24 Volt. This power enables the cloth to reach temperatures between 30°C and 100°C according to its construction.

The cloth is knitted with a high flexible electric current and warmth conducting yarn. This yarn is knitted into the cloth in choosable parallel distances. The contacting is made with a thin weft metall-band, which can be connected with the cloth with different techniques. Therefore the fabric combines the advantages of circular knitting technology with the benefits of warming already in the low voltage area: 

  • high elasticity
  • various optical options
  • high flexibility in processing
  • no risk of a current stroke
  • homogeneous warmth-allocation
  • fast heating

The fabric can be used in all applications where the attributes of textile constructions and heat shall be combined with each other. As examples of different possibilities of use there are:

  • heated mattresses, bed sheets or body shaped warming systems in medicine technique,
  • heated divans or footrests in the wellness area,
  • heated seats, interieur door-sides or mirrors in the automotive industry,
  • heated jackets and trousers for industrial clothing, outdoor clothing, sport clothing or winter clothing
  • heated mobile horse blanket

Videos of textile heating

The thermal imaging camera shows the process of warming of a knitted textile heating:

Heated mattress for allergy sufferer (real-time recording)

Patient warming system for hospitals (time lapse recording)

Patient warming system for hospitals (real-time recording)

Application examples

Heated ski helmet



Demonstrator of a thermal insulation composite system


Heated mobile horse blanket



Heated mattress for allergy sufferer



Patient warming system for hospitals


Heatable plant protection



Exemplary assembly